08 How to Enroll


CONGRATULATIONS! If you are watching this video then you have have a new team member and you are well on your way to growing your PURE business. After getting your new IBO enrolled in the back end of your website, it is IMPERATIVE to their success (and yours) to get them plugged in to our system.  Be sure to send them this welcome text within 24 hours of enrolling them:


First let me welcome you to Pure!

We are so happy you have joined this amazing company.

When you are ready to get started we recommend that the very first thing you do is:

1. Watch the Launch video on www.RachelSpeaks.net

2. Register for the weekly newsletter

3. Text me when you have done these things and we will schedule a launch session with Rachel or ___(ENTER YOUR UPLINE LEADER)___ that is a 10 minute call to discuss your goals, questions and next steps.

Our business training website is RachelSpeaks.net

Start watching the first few videos so you can get an understanding of what is ahead.